The Internet 2: the World Wide Web

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The Internet 2: the World Wide Web

The connection of networks throughout the world forms the Internet which provides a range of different services, such as email, newsgroups, and file transfer. One of the newest and most popular services on the Internet is theWorld Wide Web which is commonly referred to asthe Web, or simply asWWW.

Aweb browser program provides a graphical user interface for the Internet allowing users to view linked documents calledWebPages. When a user clicks on aWebPages link, orhyperlink, the browser fetches and displays the linked webpage. Linked WebPages may be stored on different servers in different parts of the world. A set of hyperlinked WebPages stored on the same web server is known as awebsite. Websites are available for an enormous range of topics, including news, sports, entertainment, education, and sale of goods.

Because there are so many websites on the Web, it is often difficult to find the information you are looking for. Special websites have been set up that use programs calledsearch engines to search the Web for the information you need. Normally, you fill in a form on a search webpage to indicate what you are looking for and then click a search button to start the search engine. After searching the Web, it displays a webpage with hyperlinks to the websites that contain the information you are looking for. One of the most popular search engine websites is calledYahoo. When you find a webpage that you want to return to, you can store a hyperlink to the webpage in abookmark orfavorites area of the browser. (Note US spelling offavorites.) When you want to return to the webpage, you only need to click on the appropriate bookmark.

Each webpage has a unique web address sometimes known as auniform resource locator (URL). Web addresses often start withhttp:// www, and each part of the web address is separated by a dot (.) or a slash (/). Http stands forhypertext transfer protocol, which is the standard way of communicating on the World Wide Web. A typical browser program has the following components:



title bar

display the title of the current webpage

menu bar

provides access to drop-down menus of program features


provides button icons for using the most common browser features

status bar

gives information about the current status of the program

address box

displays the current webpage address

A typical browser toolbar has a variety of buttons including the following:

Button Icon



displays the previous visited webpage


displays the next visited webpage


refreshes the current webpage display


goes to the first page set on the browser


goes to a web search engine

14The Internet 2: the World Wide Web


Task1Work in groups. Study this page from the Yahoo search engine

(http://www.yahoo.com). Which category is the best one to search in for this information?

1a new treatment for cancer          5 the phone number of the White House

2 new Hollywood movies               6 a video of a black hole developing

3 the Italian word forcomputer7Tibetan Buddhism

4 the main news stories in the US    8 unemployment statistics for Germany

Reading: Webpages

Task 2Study these sample webpages. Classify them as:

1 news       2 sport       3 entertainment      4 education

Task 3Now match each webpage to the correct text.





Offering unparalleled access to world news and current affairs, the Internet lets you keep up with the latest stories as they happen. Newspapers from around the world are available online, andTV news services, such as CNN (Cable News Network) and Sky TV, offer excellent coverage.There are even special interest news sites, including some designed for children.

Whatever your favourite sport, it is likely to have at least one devoted fan who has prepared a website dedicated to it. By visiting the site, you can pick up the latest news and gossip, and even chat to other fans around the world. As you might expect, football fans are well catered for on the Web with a mass of information on famous teams, league positions, fixtures, and player profiles.

Keeping up with your favourite band, finding out about exhibitions, or simply organizing yourTV viewing is easy on the Web. MajorTV companies have their own sites where you can find a wealth of information onTV shows and the activities of your favourite celebrities. If you want to find a restaurant, see a movie, or just visit a new bar, you will find the Internet a great resource.

You can study for school or college and even obtain a degree using the Internet. Universities from around the world have sites and some offer on-line courses. Most schools now have an Internet connection, and many schoolchildren use it for research and for keeping in touch with schools abroad. Children can also visit special online exhibitions created by world-famous museums.

Task 4Look at this page from the CNN website. It contains a number of links labelled (a-h). Find the links which enable you to:

1get the story behind the headline in full

2 post your own message about current events

3 search previous news stories for any reference you want

4 interact with other readers live using your keyboard

5see the advertisement

6 change to Spanish

7 see the news in brief

8 watch videos of news stories.

Listening: Browser

Task 5To download and read documents from the World Wide Web you need a

software program called abrowser.Study this section of a web browser screen. Identify these features.

1 title bar     2 menu bar     3 toolbar     4 address box     5 links

Task 6Look more closely at the toolbar. Listen to the recording and try to identify which buttons are described.

Language work:-ingforms

Study these examples.

Keeping up with your favourite team is easy on the Web.

By visiting the site you can pick up the latest news.

We can often use the-ingform of verbs like nouns.

Browsingthe Web is popular.

Some people likeshoppingonline.

We use the-ingform after prepositions.

Without leavinghome you can visit any country on the Web.

By clickingon the link you can move to another page.

Task 7Complete each gap in these sentences with the-ingform of an appropriate verb from this list.

backup       become      enter       find        keep up      learn

link            receive       select       send       use

1___________ with the latest news on your favourite team is easy

on the Web.

2One of the most useful features of the Internet is-and

__________ email.

3The grandfather, father, son method is one way of _________

your documents.

4 Fibre-optic cable can be used for __________ computers in a


5Search engines are ways of ___________ information on the Web.

6_____________ a keyboard is the commonest way of

____________ data into a computer.

7_____________ audio and video attachments is possible with email.

8___________ a programmer means __________ a number

of programming languages.

9The White Pages are for ____________ email addresses.

10____________ an option in a menu is easy with a mouse.

Task 8Try to answer these questions using an-ingform.

ExampleHow do you draw pictures on a computer?

Byusinga graphics package.

How do you:

1find a website?

2select an option on a menu?

3 move rapidly through a document?

4return to your starting page on the Web?

5store favourite sites?

6share ideas with other Internet users on a subject you're interested in?

7increase the speed of your computer?

8send voice and text messages to other Internet users?

9end a search on the Web?

10move the cursor round the screen?


Task 9Work in pairs. Decide which of the sites(a-j) to visit in order to find information on the following topics(1-10).

1the latest scientific developmentsawww.admarket.com

2caring for your catbwww.bubble.com/webstars/

3 calculating your taxсwww.buildacard.com

4new cars dwww.carlounge.com

5advertising on the Web ewww.encenter.com/ski/

6books on sportfwww.petcat.co.uk

7sending a virtual greetings card gwww.moneyworld.co.uk

8economic data on Bulgaria hwww.newscientist.com/

9your horoscope iwww.thebookplace.com10ski conditions in Europe jwww.worldbank.org


Task 10Work in groups. Design a Web home page for your college or company. Write a headline with an explanatory paragraph about your college or company and a menu which readers can choose from to find out more about different aspects of it.

Each member of your group should write a brief paragraph which readers can access when they click on one of the menu links.

The Internet 2: the World Wide Web на http://mirrorref.ru

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